Amy Littlefield is an investigative reporter who focuses on the intersection of religion and health care.

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An Anti-Choice Group Misspent $50,000 on Religious Material. North Carolina Wants to Give It $400,000 More. (Updated)

Documents obtained through a public records request revealed the state approved materials that encouraged parents to pray with their children, told men whose partners have had abortions to “handle your personal guilt before God,” and exhorted women to embrace the “blessing” of marriage as “a sacred institution created by God in the Garden of Eden.”

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How Your Catholic Hospital is Restricting Your Care

It’s important to know if your hospital has a religious affiliation because it can possibly impact the care you receive. Catholic hospitals make up a huge swath of the U.S. healthcare system; in fact, 1 in 6 acute-care hospital beds are located in a Catholic health facility. Amy Littlefield, an investigative reporter with Rewire.News, sits down with us to talk about the ways Catholic hospitals work to restrict reproductive healthcare.

Detained Children Sent to Religious Adoption Agencies | Midday on WNYC

Amy Littlefield and Tina Vasquez discuss their recent piece for Rewire News titled, “Bethany Christian Services Is Fostering Migrant Kids. It Also Has a History of Coercive Adoptions.” The article focuses on the children being separated by the Trump administration from their families. Some of them are going to homes run by Bethany Christian, “a religious adoption agency with a troubling record.”